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these pledges act as the city
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has and the diskette is different with every and city. any vegs allow riders to walk out instead of tapping at that taft ammines it hired to enter and exit does this walk is a feature it skidded glitches in the system that needs defects. in a spokesperson says they spent to fix to the prom by october a decision to bid out firmer patch. t(xdç
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people can come out and began accident to get a free ride.[ç their actionç is i did the software to make it more difficult for senseful the system posted those options and cost nothing because the covered under the warranty. san the gist of, jonathan lynn, for news. >> and you can see our coverageó on our website at them at.ç ney jazz now abed to recent sexual assault in nine east bay neighborhood. investigators have displayed is that the person they believe that is behind both of these attacks. the suspect is described as a black man in his 20s standsç about 5 ft. 10 in. tall medium build, their clothing are get the time. he was fired a weapon. armed with >> here in the 1400 block of
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third avenue and your card to make sure to read these attend occasions for a oakland police say to women were robbed and sexually assaulted and wednesday's some had just done that of her car. both times happen than ours. best traders believe the same suspect may be responsible. they're just a few blocks in between both neighborhoods how the department of things to and from the looks of things security is obviously a concern as most of these bad things have secure main entry or get guys some with ours. oakland police said dad stepped up patrols in the area investigators are canvassing the neighborhood and their to the suspect. oakland, the conference is. >> to the suspects in the shooting of a fremont police officer i expected to enter pleas today. and he faces attempted murders charges for a
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the shooting a tidy and. francisco sierra was charged with being an attempted murder after taking abirth after takind europe after the shooting. cracking down on public outside the state bank had near fisherman's wharf that if i asked the legislation would detract from her rudders and take action against them in the clouds that ran ads placed in that event. that edition security, liability and drink from an all black our current tax. mine at pine street had on the ground from morning is, as we go a live look this morning from our rooftop camera pretty clear at their airless this vantage point instead of the sky. will today, and we are warmer than store he missed a forecast that around, and triple digits pot.
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and the ambac, quickly can from the san as a camera check 01, that's have liked their heads at bat and traffic is living well. complete check coming at. santa has a, it has been named the top u.s. city with the majority of its roads in bad shape. at least according to the transportation website. here's a look at the tops five cities, look palais 63%, on a leg up 62, concord and san francisco/oakland, the rough roads are costing drivers average of 600 to $750 more a year and the economy and allow desert air as they had to get every now and then because the pot holes and everything house. not get the is. governors were they are have called for a
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budget meeting in austin as today the governor, democratic and republican leaders of the senate to meet to negotiate a close to that $99 budget george ball. democrats are pressing for new taxes and to the corporate tax breaks. while republicans want deeper cuts. quick check on market, stock futures are down this morning after ending the day mixed as today the federal reserve's the amount they would if necessary take additional steps meanwhile blockbuster to file for back grips the protection in the next few days in is starting this month and $900 million in debt. the white house that the president's top at an economic adviser lawrence summers plans to leave the administration. and returned to harvard university. also this morning current economic concerns are creating uncertainty as the nation's top a three day summit to push global leaders team meet you and callsu.s. and goalsn goals.
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president mombasa talmudic democratic lawmakers they would be proud to campaign on historic health care legislation six months later the on the democrats running ads about it are the ones who voted now with tricia midterm elections the white house is for guarantees the six month anniversary to be introduced into skeptical burgers. those changes include the coverage for preventive care and even adults and a ban on canceling for someone has fallen in all. it kicks into our eyes a patient's bill of rights. eight companies would testify before congress for the recent seminar at and hit break. they'll
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testify before the committee. they've asked man to come prepared to discuss the that the conditions there found that their firms. fact and i area santa's girth as it is extending a ban the board of supervisors dates. the current law bans the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products and dexter is this the legislation would extend it to all stars that have any time our farmers the inside. the second that will take place next week. we'll take a break, of morehead line straight ahead. in committing a complete check they had.te weather check and h
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what and that's the kind farm morning is, for 14 a and a clear shot of the salmon tamper it is running now imagine the landfall, that we did not collect temperatures on tap for
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today. that is before a big key way comes this weekend. camions santana at 57 degrees by new jobs in happen to the upper 60s. high temperature that 72- cantilevers '60s and in o'clock hour. fairly strong wind this morning. i to 69 per hour to get oakland, sustained iran's 23 this morning, appreciate the stepper the door also getting winds of up to about 15 in hayward. that today we will stay cool. '50s, '60s bridge and o'clock hour will warmer than the '60s. high tides are all of this year indicate '70s. topping and in the '70s. calling back down into the '50s and '60s many o'clock hour. having in the '70s, not as far as this day, 76 santa rosa, 67 said it
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discovered, the lower 73 around the bay out and about 71 degrees, 78 antioch. 74 livermore. seven day today is the closed-end the week, magical and then every added day this week. a smile is the first full day of fall brings us back in the '80s than get into the 90s on friday, saturday, sunday. by monday hot, it looks like summer at their 101 degrees. go figure that the hottest day comes in the fall. let's can head and looked at the traffic aircraft. >> team right. in the traffic area pretty great start, and readers are enjoying pretty and young dry times we would do a quick bridge act of all, cars are getting by just fine couple of minutes ago the strong winds and that so strongly advising has been shed for the bay bridge
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plant suddenly be aware of that, if you have a smaller car particularly. the minutes for the names as a major way toward san francisco. taking your cemetery ridge, no proms that's tonight's living in the to the direction towards foster city you can see a camera sticking around that traffic is living with an adult day care and injuring about rob mentor and to answer. golden gate, and no proms, traffic and an academic, i'm free ride here's advancement nevada and his and his guest a clocking in about 22 minutes the ride from highway 87 over to the east bank is any they're right. james. >> you like, and that the story, the former city leaders in the city about our schedule to be arraigned today that is that fort small city that we
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talk about where the city leaders had extremely high salaries, the manager is calling an $800,000 a year. concord assets have the salaries plus extra amounts of lead to their arrest. >> city manager of the town of 40,000 people, the average in town just over $40,000 a year. his salary $800,000 -- of the president of united states. and as i tatting millions more and loans and benefits from seven others. >> they use tax as their own the bank which they then and they did that well. >> out the county's district attorney says he was there rain and the air of a gang of corrupt officials his stall at least five and a half million dollars the top attraction on steroids those arrested today include the current mayor, seen here last july, daiquiris had teased a
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battering ram to gain entrance to his home resist bail was set at 3.2 million it highest of any defendant. >> be a basket had been known be allowed to post bail and that is an opportunity to examine the source of the bonds. >> that story made air and take a stake in the at what their city managers are making silly take a quick snapshot, seven communities here and the salaries, the valley case and at montgomery - 3 a and $15,000 a year to receive city sam brown case three added 60,000, will livermore 300 in 2000. converse kick thompson visited another kennedy where the city manager there also has impressed a sour grade. >> joe cabby out aren'nina highy
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managers in the state this is have breaks down. his base salary is 10 and 23,000 he cast at four weeks of vacation for nearly $16,000 and lives of the pension dan that pays him a 35% of his salary from its $72,000 towards retirement which he cast their last year and said that investing. so he had reported as in town that $70,000 towards retirement is like a stage than that and there is silence. san that many of the towns did not include their retirement contributions. >> he touts it chose to cage at as a cash lump-sum so really what you have to deal as look at all the other cities and say okay you're sharing dancercise party planning and not talk about retirement and then again the city's shallot would determine the amount is.
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>> we'll be calling at strands to add some new and and is this money take all the care, that dads are reaching an academic level, i think he's on his conscience and are beginning to comment that led to the first effort at that summit in chicago. the saw that event features hundred and but experts even scientists all gathered in an attempt to combat the growing storage of bedbugs. not that bad in the end station are on the rise here in the bay area its assets in innovative new ways to battle the bloodthirsty pass. >> these i bet bags, they are now being found not just in her tub adding that in homes and college dorms where this students after dozens of sites on its arms and neck sites and stations that are reported more than 70 times its santa clara county alone. i protest the hanford is a year ago. i asked
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russ harman how to get rid of them are start >> there are a lot of new methods, there still chemical control methods that are available. there various things that people can do, eat apply plastic casings are round matches this to help reduce the numbers of places that i've to have. there are various kinds at things that can be installed on the legs of beds for example. their thin things like clothing and at the object in the past canby's he cheated. there's townsfolk's at their new are treating it jogs to send these out. >> or to appoint, that patience and persistence are key bedbugs bite but there are the better at hiding not just in bedding and furniture, even inside electronic equipment where they lay their eggs. whatever you're doing to eradicate them keep
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during and even after you think there gone. >> reason main determinants company released the top-10 infested cities in the country. the art, had the most bedbugs, many cities on the list are in the midwest and valley one california city, at age. allossa us. james lake freeway camera is stirring in traffic inw7ñ in tht sense it's up living with that @@ problems.
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in the hat back, i clicked bridge check, the purge the bay bridge is not bad, traffic is it fairly well in an age at the tollçó plaza or the stand, makig it time just a seven-scene minutes from one end to the at that santana's attended, may not traffic is in the last found tonight headed for a neighbor to foster city move it that any and he ends. one last lap, we're looking at traffic coming at a marine townie with out any delay. you can see at night in the background stuff i said that when one is living dead, accident, incidences' iron nonexistent. nast on this, the fallout from house arms continues in taxes, this is what is left after hurricane carla role to that area bringing with
4:26 am
it send 10 in. of rain. you can see the damage, the flood waters. our local area is flooded with a found the body of a driver who had been swept away. hurricane igor is that the eastern canada with heavy rain washed out roads and fighting holmes. the wildfire in utah is still a problem, these trees are watching for any hot spots nang and a half the evacuation orders were lifted asters are able to get at least six square mile fire 50 percent contained members of the national guard accidentally started that fire on sunday. they were shooting danced during a training gel and the middle of dry and windy weather. people live in the area are furious same as the ground is waiting to happen over 34 years we have watched and just waitç it to se fire coming of the rage that if i happen. i'm for that to say
4:27 am
they check the weather conditions is a lie. it was a hot dry winds last night in lolly get here. >> representatives of the national guard had apologizing those responsible will be held accountable for what happened to the fire destroyed three homes and forced the evacuation of 16 and there's this evacuation orders have been lifted. attend the japan is not on that engine said in paris said the socialites those elements as japanese officials have stopped her from entering the country she is going to tokyo for a promotional appearance on monday. she pleaded guilty to a drug possession and was traced an informal probation for one year. will take a break, we'll the back with more headlines on the on farming is at the check and let and traffic. we look d.c. rape back here and at one minute. leave me with a shot of
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west at 80 as that lives there albany.
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and we have that, reconditioan'e on the weather. >> everyone is looking towards the weather, we have a heat wave in store for this weekend. triple digits, for today not the case, today will be pretty cool, an albany temperatures about 54 degrees. clear conditions, not much in the way of fraud, 62 by noon on high temperature of about 65 back down again to the upper 50s. we are dealing with a little bit of wind, 16 and sfo, much kron over the east bay, oakland is seen sustained winds at 23 mi. per hour fairly strong winds in oakland, 15 per hayward, 14 into fairfield.
4:30 am
10:00, the temperatures in the '50s, '60s not really warming up much. by noon we should see them anymore '60s, are high temperatures to the kind of a mixture between '60s, '70s all this dealer shows is for real season '70s to the napa and the delta. for the most part it will stay cool. backed down and the '50s and '60s by 7:00. numbers bringing in seven to the mid-70s and a warm response. 67 san francisco, south bay keeping the some bridges and low-mid-70s. along the coastline of but 62 degrees for have obeyed. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. check it out, the warming trend begins tomorrow on the first official full day of fall, and we continue to bring warm temperatures, warm weather into the forecast for friday, saturday, sunday funnies sunshine monday of next week hots. hopefully you have air-
4:31 am
conditioning because it will get up to 101. appraiser in the bay 76 rose. for 30, a quick check on your commute. >> we're not tracking any hot spots where we are tracking is a pretty easy commute of sight creek project, to get side, we're seeing a minor weight in just one of the cash lanes as you make your way to those big gates and had westbound but of that traffic is moving fine, we do when advisor of a strong wind advisory there was issued by the california highway patrol, the aware of your speeds as you make your way across the upper deck. dry times are not being affected. nine minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze as your perch fremont, the guardian is a bridge on the rocking in the the team manager. san mateo bridge, no problems, telling its side and the commute direction towards foster city camera shaking around because it is a little windy, no problems to
4:32 am
report in either direction. surely the golden gate, nice, quiet ride just a few cars headed in the southbound direction novato and to san francisco about a 22 minute trip. wrapping up here with a quick shot of the upper east shore for you like westbound 80 moving really well, a bit more company that was signed some of our other road race but still pretty easy conditions your ride coming just as golden gate to downtown san francisco clocking in at 15 minutes. james. >> thank you. some of the stories you're falling free this morning ac transit has announced that it is going to the clipper system will tell you about that, let's begin with cuts and a meeting going on today ac transit officials will be thinking about cutting weekend service and have eliminated all but to overnight bus lines the move is aimed at scores at helping close an estimated $56 million budget gap. it is a big from their trenches of this move
4:33 am
will maybe save them about $12 million of the union representing bus drivers say the cuts are really not necessary both sides will be together in the same room tonight for a meeting there will hash it out than in the meantime ac transit is announcing it is going to the clipper system it will stop selling paper tickets but after december 31st it will no longer use paper tickets at all. passengers will be allowed to load their cupboards with 31 day pass or cash prizes and of course you vote against the bay is-if they like a sieges as along with helping the environment it will make boarding buses a lot more efficient. >> we think it is more convenient it eliminates the need to do with pocket change if you lose the cards vicki be easily replaced lost or stolen for that matter. and also has the potential of speeding up boarding times. klipper kurds can be purchased at transitions and local retailers and five
4:34 am
spare available at a huge number of spots for the bay everything from goldman's to all the transit agency stocks. meanwhile a contractor is searching is far. with a wave of the hands, kron4 first revealed the glitch last week showing how commuters are slipping through without paying you can see there the gates are designed open automatically with the motion sensor when a person exits for the same sector can be activated by someone entering the system completely bypassing the need to open it with a fare card. kron4 is jonathan bloom spoke with muni officials. >> muni officials and knowledge the surge in these new variegates has been anything but smooth with an hour they have a few ideas on how to fix it. we're where the problem we're working tirelessly to fix it. >> he made that promise as word of a free ride your continues to
4:35 am
spread it's as simple as fooling the motions under this man could not resist trying it himself on his way of the train. rose says they will fix it in one of three possible ways. >> software updates, and equipment to block them from happening possibly tapping out our system variegates. >> of the three putting physical barriers is the on the one across money so the city would try the software upgrade first and that that does not work there will consider acquiring you to tap the card for your legs and but out of the 140 here violations there were not many attempts to explode the liberal. >> there were credible, nothing major once we had in storage research. people were taking their chances. >> their spending most of their time helping writers to were confused with the new system or second side of your days there
4:36 am
will not open time after time we saw a station agent manually open the gate or writers during trouble. >> they're agitated disagreement they're frustrated from almost everyone has come doctors had as something bad to say about this new variegates. san francisco, jonathan bloom, kron4 news. >> 9 you can see more or coverage of the clipper card in gate which including our first report all available on our were set up and has a more than a week since the san bruno gas line explosion san mateo county is hosting an event today for people affected by that fire they will be righted with the insurance information meanwhile crews will begin cleaning up the fires don't kerman kron4 is christine connolly shows were is being done to preparing keep neighboring residents say. the cruz you see here are spring water on the friars own making sure the ash and debris is damp so when they start removing it on thursday and dust which could
4:37 am
be laced with toxic chemicals will not drive into the air. the help of harmon has been monitoring the air quality in the area since the event that with many occupied homes like these just a few feet away from the fires on they'll continue to be vigilant for a decree in the process well we're doing the debris immediate removal will do air sampling. if we indicate a problem we will shut down. i do not anticipate the bromfield as we will be taking every precaution. >> bill began the removal process by taking away burned out cars like you see here. then ask your readers will come in and remove all the debris including the japanese and the foundations of the home. along with the top 2-3 in. of soil to help arm and says it's important to do this all quickly. >> we do not want to run off when the rains begin dunnage the creek and into the bay. also we want to make sure this stuff does not become airborne. >> officials are to finish the
4:38 am
removal process it 3-4 weeks. >> state regulators are reviewing a list provided to them by pg&e the lists the top 100 pipeline concerns throughout california and last year this is the most recent created by pg&e they also requested this list from past years as well, we've been telling about the story, the agency will review all that affirmation that it will be deciding whether not changes need to be made. if you want to take a look to this list which is not include standard now you can check it out on our website at >> another break, we will be back with more news, weather, traffic in just a minute. a live look, south bay, 101 ready 7 interchange and traffic is building a moving well. we'll be right back.
4:39 am
and we're back, quick look to the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today breezy,
4:40 am
mild, mid to upper seventies inland low seventies to run the bay. some are first fall they'll fall, and we began our warm-up. look how hot it gets too, all the way to the weekend upper 90s in them by monday triple digits, it is now filming site fall does it. and the physics summer, a little weird. complete look coming up. other news california is less than a week away from the first scheduled execution off at in new lethal injection facility yesterday that the committee on a tour of the 800 vicki $3,000 execution but chamber. >> when you enter the facility the first thing you see is the main witness area, and through the glass the gurney condemned inmates are shackled to before being executed. unlike the gas chamber the viewing area in this new facility is divided into three separate sections each with a view of the condemned in
4:41 am
may. if >> primary when this area, there's always area for people who were convicted and for people who related. >> through itself has a familiar green granny and restraint attached to it. but this room is larger than the gas chamber. beyond the guarantee on the back wall are three holes. intravenous tubes containing the three drug cartel to come through the holes. on the other side of this wall is the infusion control room. buffalo's the connecticut said prison walls should and execution need to be halted. there also medical monitors and a staging area for the team that administers the lethal cocktail. also microphones, one of which is brought to the inmate said the king to evade their final words. >> their room with the bars that is your right is a holding cell
4:42 am
where the inmates wait. just beyond is our shareware the his chaplain, his legal adviser is allowed to stay up into a few minutes prior. and nearby phone as the inmate to make calls to legal representatives as well as family prior to the execution. when the time does come the inmate is taken of the cell and is our chalet a very short walk to enter the lethal injection room. as things stand now this new legal index and facility is said to be used for the first time i provo 1:00 a.m. of the timber 29 when albert brown is slated to be executed. >> kron4 is tough as why the state of california has not at executions for last several years. >> the state executed is last in may in 2006 and 2007 filing a lawsuit a judge halted all
4:43 am
executions in the way the state in minister's little injection was cruel and unusual therefore unconstitutional prison officials were ordered to improve procedures. in july it the department of corrections said they completed that very process the next california education is schedule for september 29th. >> we will follow that story as we get closer and closer to the execution, we will take a break, back with more headlines in just 60 seconds. here's a live look good side is ago, golden
4:44 am
and we're back, a destructive and to a police station last night in the state, look to this is the aftermath, a pickup truck, d.c. have heavily damaged a caught fire after crashing into a building in richmond. police say officers started chasing the truck because it was a stolen vehicle for. disapprove
4:45 am
started near interstate-80 ended when the truck crashed into a building. two people were arrested at the scene no one was hurt. check on the forecast, as we head into the latter half of this week and a big warmup is in store. louisa. >> today, the first official day of fall, while the first part of fall. it kicks in about 89 this evening. as soon as all kick san summerlike temperatures began. go figure. sunny conditions, cool as well a big key way for the weekend. here's a lack of sight to the temperature in the '50s along the coast, 57 half moon bay. redwood city into the 50s warming up to 61 in oakland, upper 50s in the seventh bank by the tenor of our we'll keep in the '50s, '60s not warming muttra we're seeing now. but in see a few more '70s and
4:46 am
all of this yellow creeping in indicates the '70s. warming it up into the '70s once again today kulak done in his 50s, 60s. today temperatures similar to yesterday, maybe a few degrees cooler, off 76 standards, a five napa. 71 richmond. 67 richmond. not much difference in yesterday, said bay temperatures in the mid-70s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. interest in looking forecast, a little bit breezy today and then the first official full day of fall kicks in on thursday, that is so mr. to warm up. by friday-sunday a gorgeous working weekends plenty of sunshine temperatures and low 90s mid-90s on saturday upper 90s on sunday. it's just it's warming up because believe it or not next week we are expecting an afternoon high getting up to
4:47 am
about zero hundred and 1 degrees. upper 80s around the bay, a persimmon is for the kurds. really just a string of summer looking dazed. during the first is our fault. quick check on the morning commute. >> still free of hot spots bay area roads and bridges still in very good shape. you can see it's still pretty easy role for your arrest brown ride, no drums coming from any approaches. as you make your way toward san francisco, we have a strong wind advisory issued by the chp. will definitely be aware of that. it will really not affect your drive the rumford eighth as nine minutes you're right. quickly sure you the san mateo bridge, you can see this taillights are headed in the commune direction towards foster city no reports of any problems come incidence'' in either direction. very good dry times, cocky about 13 and it's from one end to the other.
4:48 am
still require the golden gate just a couple cars on the road, you can see some fun traffic is moving really well right now. novato and the city limits 22 minute trip. wrapping up here with a shot of crosstown traffic here's the james lick, you can see traffic is moving towards the peninsula moving pretty well on southbound 101. he arrived in the 10180 split just about 15 minutes. if you're headed in the span direction to the lower deck also pretty from free ride. james. >> thank you. some other news, in choir master group save the day has released a new report waterways with the most reports of trash. to enter and 25 hot spots were reported kron4 as jeff brochures to one of the worst. >> this is the immensely walk a physicist avenue in oakland edition of on the list year after year, it's not hard to see
4:49 am
why, all sorts of grass floating in water and on the shoreline. i saw every take charge amount involved a lot of it was an unidentified plastic stuff. the tea things i noticed the mustard packaging furred chips, styrofoam. the charges ever were, some of it is weird i find someone's foot fault, general, even old christmas ornament. along with the odd things there's also an abundance of one of the most common cigarette butts, hundreds of them on the water in the land. it's a unique problem will be difficult to solve at least five irving krieg's follow-through kirkland. a lot of charges carried downstream, though one of the biggest sources is not too far away. or " every now and the coliseum are within sight, the trash generated from events is carried by the wind into the waterways. difficult or not oakland and other cities in the bay area with similar problems
4:50 am
are required to get a handle on hot spots like this by 2014, the water board were choir capture devices installed to fizzle of the water. in oakland, jeff bush, kron4 news. >> foodies are smiling, the much anticipated survey is out, it is the definitive guide for people love to eat out. vicki a living artist finds out just which restaurants are hot. >> good luck trying to get the table even if your name is the gap. the people behind the bird to get aboard died. many considered a foodies a bible. >> they're here every day. there. 9. san francisco is definitely a foodies down. >> will the recession has made many debtors more choosy famous
4:51 am
for greek and humanitarian food. competition is stiff, 10,000 people voted the top five list of the most popular bay area restaurants sires french francs slice of your but the number one incidents as go gary day ago six years running. >> we make sure that everyone we serve is happy and wants to come back. that is five or secret. >> one downside there are those of your love to get in good luck. this just as eager as try dropping in and die at the bar. san francisco, vicki, kron4 news. >> and for the first time san francisco survey also included food trucks and pop up eateries and that means new eateries with the best bang for about category. chopping cheap eats talker truck, which confined
4:52 am
along san francisco's harrises street. the talker truck busted in berger. it came in second, the have a lot of fans. third is last year's winner saigon's damages the tiny sandwich shop located on larsen and 80 customers can expect some images produced a few bucks. not bad. other airlines, many twitter users fell victim to an ugly act attack while others were left free list as george will people to stay away was team worked on a fixed, it is not the first time that they have been hit kron4 as the company's reaction to latest attack. >> know when you're at the headquarters will going camera but there is a broad statement saying the problem is under control it was discovered about 30 minutes after the attack happened processing if different the computers and mobile devices. this is not the first time the faces from about a month ago they faced a hack attack that they had to catch up
4:53 am
only to see a comeback now. will the problem is resolved you still may see some unusual tweet but not to worry about it, you're not change your password because power is an news records were not affected. instead of a disco, a great start, kron4 news. >> we will take a break, more headlines ahead. a live look outside as we go san mateo bridge traffic is moving well, as for current conditions and their retail 57 degrees. your warmest temperature 72 this afternoon. we'll be right back.
4:54 am
and miramax, a live look for a rooftop camera lets get a quick look at the forecast, all those warm temperatures we can expect later on. >> if we can just get through today will feel like summer, as we headed to the weekend and next week in fact triple digits
4:55 am
in this forecast. but not the case for today, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. of 57, i knew in jumping into the upper 60s, high temperature in some detail at 72, similar to yesterday and then back down of the low 60s by a crack. also dealing with some wins. much rubber these big, sustained winds up to 23 mi. an hour. 15 in hayward, 14th fairfield. by the 10:00 hour keeping as temperatures in the '50s, '60s warming up into the 60s by noon that's about it, during in a few '70s. back down again to the '50s, '60s. afternoon highs spring as of 76 degrees and there as of today keeping it in the upper 60s for san francisco, 71 richmond. the upper seventies around the bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and their hayward, said become mullahs daughters, morgan hill 75 low
4:56 am
seventies to san jose and mountain view. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. keeping it cool today, a little bit crazy the first official day of fall kicks in tomorrow, that is when temperatures start warming up much warmer freer friday, saturday, sunday this is a good weekend for three-40 weekend a long stretch of sunshine and abundance of warm temperatures and we are getting hot as we head into next week in a factory to jump up to one no one in some of the war in the spots, a parade is around the bay upper '70's for the coast. big changes in store kicking into rock. james. >> thank you, let us go outside, a look at albany showing you westbound its zero dozen others had lights had to do the ask her, traffic is moving well, but we do have current conditions in albany 54 degrees, pretty mild, 67 is afternoon and speaking of
4:57 am
road race coming up we will have more on one of our top stories which is a new report showing bay area road action some of the worst in california. we'll tell you who came
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
5:01 am
breezes temperature of the '50s-'60s by noon we warm it up and the '60s, topping it out in the '70s fairly similar to what was i yesterday not much variation in terms of those temperatures back down to the '50s and '60s by 7:00, into the action and bring it up to about 76 degrees and your san are set, 67 and san francisco warmer than that and richmond keeping in the '70s red around the bay. oakland 71. south bay temperatures in the mid-70s 73 for san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. highlights the fact that once the first official full day of fall kick san temperatures start warming. we go from the upper seventies say to the east rock to the '90s and friday then each day he is gradually getting out there by the end of the weekend looking at temperatures into upper 90s checkout monday, hot.
5:02 am
a hundred and 1 degrees. for some of those inland spots aid around the bay upper '70's for the coast. erica. waking up to hotspot free commute traffic is moving at the limit just about everywhere. project, it is an easy ride for your westbound ride traffic is moving was coming from all approaches. of course the meeting lights remain offering now century a very easy aments from the macarthur maze towards san francisco. you're right from the cortines bridge is 18 minutes. if you're thinking of taking san mateo, no problems in the the direction clocking a pretty ideal 13-14 minutes to an end to end, still quiet at the golden gate, traffic is moving well i just of the reconfigured the lanes, that is for lanes for you. it is a little windy, but no high wind advisory issued just get wrapping up a quick
5:03 am
shot of the south bay, 101 no problems whatsoever for yourself around ride, if you're headed in the commune direction which is northbound a little bit more company was still keeping those very good drive * 12 minute 3 now from downtown san jose as you make your way up toward santa clara. checked on public transit all trains are running on time. james. >> developing story, this morning at a pleasanton hill, with a water main break, crews are on the scene rain now and as his mouth brushes in you will see the neighbor hurting question unclear how many residents and customers are without water at this moment. the breakout and last night, we know that, crews are on scene. will get the latest coming up.
5:04 am
the the new fee is morning if you read ac transit getting around may soon get tougher for real today agency readers are will be meeting to discuss several ways to save millions of dollars including cutting weekend service in half. >> if you ride ac transit you know that earlier this year you had to pay 25¢ more for per trip and your is says service cuts in march but allxdç those close eh that the agency closeçó&ñ of $6 million budgxñno carrierring no carrier ring no carrierring no carrierring no carrier ring no carrierring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring
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5:15 am
have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation.
5:16 am
a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. we did that the fall bullous and the politics and again this summer go figure. here's a shot downtown, it's a clear shot, a downtown san jose, conditions are 58 degrees.ç i knew she jus
5:17 am
the upper 60s, high-temperature 73. back down againç to 64 by 8:00. we are seeing a bit of trees out there, 60 mi. an hour winds sfo. but you can see a little bit stronger over oakland topping outq over 20 mi. an hou. we're keeping temperatures cool today before the big warmup this weekend. by 10:00 keeping them in the '50s, '60s by noon warming up into the '60s. high temperature all of this yellow shows as where we are getting some 70 that the napa valley, north bay, delta. by about 7:00 will bring back down to the '50s and '60s. afternoon highs as saying: again fairly similar to where we were yesterday mostly sunny conditions. 76 degrees for c,d] rosa, 71 oakland, los '70s your records city, cool weather,
5:18 am
not beach weather today however for the rest of the weekç it could be reached rather but also çinto next weekend as well. getting some hot, hot weather. fall officially kicks in right around 8:09 p.m.. so tomorrow is the first full day of fall was due to warm up and get back into the '90s.ç copper 90s by the ed of the weekend an abundance of sunshine, and check out monday, hot, hot weather. çwhen a one inland, upper 80s around the bay '70s for the coast. let's get a check under morning commute. >> thank youç if. for there's a huge is setting up the door still enjoying a very light conditions. not checking in the hot spots, but we are tracking is a high wind advisory issued free ride along the bay bridge. you could see no from a long approach as you make your way towards the big gates traffic is moving well. before your ride along the upper deck, we are tracking some high winds we will
5:19 am
get more with jackie sissel in a moment. very good dry times outside the minutes from the foot ofw3ç the macarthur maze towards a fremont san francisco. no problems on your right to san mateo, traffic is moving at a lemon in both directions clucking just about 14 minutes from end to end. so quiet for a ride from the golden gate bridge from his outbound traffic is moving well. a little windy. and a high wind advisory issued just yet. wrappingç up with a quickq shot of crosstown traffic, james lick, the commute çis simply building. but no prs yet for yourself down ride toward the peninsula. your ride from the 101-80 clocking inç at just 60 minutes. james. >> thank you, as you mentioned that high wind advisory for the bay bridge that is where jackie sissel is this morning giving us the shot. jackie did across the span? >> i came across, i intaglio i
5:20 am
did speak with some people who came in you can see the high wind advisory is gone on the bay bridge but they say it is that year that is really bad it's what to get through that tunnel they really start to feel as high winds. and especially on the upper winds obviously be aware of your the be travelling across the bay bridge this high winds are out there. >> thank you. some of the jackie is losing his voice i will talk to later on libya spurning. a cjd make a decision by friday whether not california's c,gv)+pno carrierring no carrier ring no carrierring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrierring no carrier ring no carrierring no carrier ring no carrier ring
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no carrierringconnect 2400 
5:30 am
to see some changes the reverse of what to expect temperatures really start heating up as the head towards the weekend to the weekend and into next week, today's mostly sunny, cool and then that he waved to the extent you're here. here's a look at
5:31 am
side at some when the james stark about 60 mi. an hour winds of land is seeing some stronger these been no surprises when advisor in the bay bridge to those ones getting up to 21 mi. per hour sustained winds 14 per hayward about the same for fairfield. throughout the morning will stay cool keeping in the '50s, '60s then ordered to the '60s by noontime on our high temperature of this hellish as the '70s sting of the '80s and '90s for now that comes later on this week as a cooling down by the '50s and '60s. your numbers getting into mid-70s for santa rosa the '70s and cinephile upper 60s your san francisco cellarage yesterday and around the bay temperatures in the low '70's along the coast actually 62 for half moon bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows us what is our shared going to happen as we head into the first official full day of fog to rob
5:32 am
warming trend and it keeps on going bringing in abundance of sunshine much warmer temperatures upper 90s and the warring inland spot sprayers sunday checkout monday hodge, 101 for some of the war ruins of a breeze around the bay upper seventies for the crows. quick check on your commute. >> we are not checking in the hot spots yet, roads and bridges still a very good shape, still pretty easy drive as you make your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza and no signs of many slowing coming from all approaches headed westbound. we are tracking a song strong wind advisor issued for chp. definitely be aware of that. try a very good time test drive times. towards fremont from the macarthur maze. cars are getting along just fine those taillights headed in the commuter direction towards foster city the bright
5:33 am
lights making their way into hayward rain now, we're hearing some overnight construction on 92 in both directions between 280 and foster city that is really not slowing anyone down. no problems for either direction across the span. still very quiet for a ride across the golden gate, nice, easy conditions out there a little bit windy. no high wind advisory issued just yet, some outbound traffic is moving just fine. novato and the city limits still just a 22 minute trip. james. >> developing story at the pleasant hill crews are working on a water line break, here's a map of the area. as we push and you can see this is in the neighborhood close minute ride as a matter of fact, this is-is second rate in that very area in a week. crews around the scene, yuli is headed their. we'll get
5:34 am
the latest from are coming out. as for the number of customers without water, unknown. we're still waiting for the latest from the utility companies crews are on the scene tran get the problem fixed. ac transit officials are it considering drastic service cuts in a fight to stay afloat. what could be on the chopping block, the agency is considering slashing weekend service and after eliminating all but to overnight bus lines. the move would save ac transit more than $12 million rain now it is facing an estimated $56 million budget deficit. the union representing most drivers say the service cuts are not necessary. both sides are meeting tonight to discuss it further. fourth san jose has been named the top u.s. city with the majority of we're raise in bad shape. here's a look at the stuff of san jose ranked no.
5:35 am
1, l.a. #2, honolulu, concord, said this year's/oakland. the rough roads also costing driver is an average of $700 more a year in vehicle repair and maintenance. that is almost in two weeks and said san bruno gas line explosion san mateo county is hosting an event today for people affected residents jimmy with representatives of health insurance companies will be there to assist them with benefits information and health insurance issues such as a member i.d. cards. they'll be there doing those workshops crews will begin cleaning up the fire zone to mark. kron4 is christine connolly shows as what it will be done to prepare a safe. >> cruz these see here are spring water on the fires and making sure the ash and debris is damp. so when the ceremony on thursday dast which could be laced with toxic chemicals will
5:36 am
not fly up into the air. helprin has been monitoring the air quality in the area since. the event. many occupied homes just a few feet away they will continue to be vigilant throughout the cleanup process. >> what we're doing the debris removal will be doing air sampling around the entire. entire if they find there is a problem, we'll shut down and corrected. i do not anticipate a problem because you taking every precaution. >> still ring in the debris removal process by taking away burned two cars like you see here that excavators for come in a move all the debris including the chimneys., chimneys along with the top 2-3 in. of soil. the help from some important to do so quickly. >> redo not want the runoff and the rains begin down into the creek and the bay we want to make sure the staff does not become airborne. if >> they expect to finish it in three-four weeks.
5:37 am
>> while a dramatic end to a police chase last night in these big, a figure truck caught fire after crashing into a building. you can see some of the damages video police officers started teasing that track because it was registered as a stolen vehicle. it started near interstate-80 and given the chair crashed into a building. two people were arrested at the stain in remarkably no one was hurt. more charges could be filed in the bell city official corruption scandal at the center of the investigation is this man, former city manager robert rizzo, arrested yesterday along with seven other officials. rizzo was at the ring leader who use the city's tax dollars to collect huge salaries his salary alone was 800,000 a year. the scandal has cost the city more than $5 million the attorney says the state attorney general and others have launched investigations. we'll take a
5:38 am
break, or had nine straight ahead. as was a complete look at weather, traffic never far away. a live look from the south bay, san jose schering is a tree is fine, whether is not bad, 50 degrees in san jose, our real national pastime?
5:39 am
saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, we're looking at warm-up coming towards the weekend. in fact temperatures friday, 95 for saturday's 101 expected on monday. all the details on this began warming up coming up. james. >> speaking of weather, not stopping some of our national news the fallout from a couple of powerful storms it continues, take a look of this visit to texas, and hurricane karo perot came in dropping to 10 in. of rain a lot of deep water. a local creek is flooded
5:42 am
where authorities last night found the body of a driver who had been swept away. hurricane igor has been helping eastern canada with heavy rain, watching a roads and flooding homes. the wildfire in utah is still a problem. these crews are basically watching for any hot spots, nearly half of the evacuation orders have been lifted as tuesday they were able to get some what of the upper hand on that fire. they say it's 50 percent contained, members of the national guard accidentally started that fire will shooting guns during a training program in the middle of dry windy weather people who live there say their fear is saying it was a problem waiting to happen. a live look outside that the water line break in prison hell does that story we brought you earlier this is at the intersection of amarillo avenue end at two keep drives. kron4 is yuli is on scene and we will get the
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, a shot of the san mateo bridge, a clear shot not much in the way of fog, clear conditions today but it is the last day, we have a heat wave to talk about currently in san mateo 57 degrees by new and getting up to 69, you can see the camera shaking around a big we do have some breeze. we'll get that in just a minute. up to about 72 in san mateo, it's the low sixties for the across our. the wins out there this morning up to 60 mi. per hour and sfo, oakland 21. sustained winds, stardust. 14 hayward, in the fairfield as well. 10:00, mixture of '50s and '60s by noon will warm oven see widespread '60s all of this dealer shows as the '70s the moving to the area will top vote in the '70s up to the 3:00 hour
5:47 am
cooling a back down by 7:00. so those numbers getting into the mid '70s for santa rosa, napa. the upper 60s and your vallejo. keeping it into the upper 60s today and your san francisco. south bay, monday coming in at 70, 73 degrees in susanna's say. the bay shore will keep those temperatures down into the low 70's. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing their first day of fall tomorrow. it kicks in ritter and 80 9:00 p.m. and it will become much warmer as soon as fog gets into gear. friday, saturday, sunday temperatures into the 90s in some of the war in one spot, take a look monday 101. upper 80s around the bay, upper '70's for the kurds. let's get a quick check on your commute. >> for those of you putting out the door, the good news is no hot spots. will do a final
5:48 am
bridge check from a ticket of side, traffic is moving well from all approaches. but we are tracking a high wind advisory issued by the california highway patrol it is not really getting in your way. you can see that sign alerting you that there's a high wind on the bridge, no problems rewrite as you make your way up the incline. a luggage arrives to san mateo, no problems in either direction across band you can see those taillights headed in the commune direction towards foster city tracking for the ideal drive * just about 14 minutes. golden gate still acquire ride for your so fun trip novato and his san francisco or 23 minute ride. highway 37 to the east bay clocking at short sweet a minutes. wrapping up as a quick shot of the seven big, 11 no problems for ourselves bound ride, if you're headed
5:49 am
northbound you'll run into a livermore co. no drums as you make your way around the guadalupe over cross. things only 13 minutes rain now. james. >> thank you, let's get back there to the bay bridge, because as you're saying is that high wind advisory jackie sissel is out there. jackie. >> morning james, the site is up warning drivers as they come up there is a high wind advisory, but we're offering told my people were travelling it is really on the western side the really get as high winds up initially on the upper deck as you go to the tunnel. that is really when you feel those winds, rain now is not affecting traffic. james. >> between the island in the city. thank you. save the bay has released a new reporter of waterways with the most trash pollution. about 225 hot spots were recorded this year one
5:50 am
location that survivalist year after year as the demons lou. in oakland. this is some of the video, it has a unique problem because at least five urban creeks flow into that a lot of trash is carried downstream. the arena and the coliseum are located right nearby trash generated from events is also carried by the winds rating to the waterway. oakland and other cities are required to get a handle on the hotspots by 2014. the water board where required captioning devices to be installed to filter the water as it flows into the bay. bedbugs are reaching an epidemic level across the country which has led to the first ever bedbug the summit in chicago the sold-out event featured hundreds of bug experts. their of their document how to combat the growing surge of bedbugs there's a range of commercial and chemical control options but it is not our is
5:51 am
effective in fact the recent research of bedbugs has led to another of innovated methods for controlling them. >> people have the option of going with a professional bias control and obviously that segment of the market is responding to the need there are various things that people can do for example you can buy plastic casings around mattresses to help reduce the number of places bedbugs can hide out. there are various kinds of things that can be installed on the legs of beds for example. there are certain things like clothing and other entrees in the house can be heat treated in various kinds of ways. there are some innovative step that some people are out there in the commercial side who are training dogs to sniff these things there. >> take care, this is what bedbug live by it looks like
5:52 am
these are suffered by a college student after they invaded his dorm room what makes eradicating these threats are difficult is the fact that they can hide out not just in getting anywhere woodwork, furniture, electronic crime. so what ever you do to get rid of them keep doing in until they're gone recently the company released its top-10 infested cities in the country new yorkers number one with and that most bedbugs, a lot of other cities located in the midwest only one california city made the list l.a. came in at no. 10. another break come back with more in a moment, here's a live look verify that a pleasant hill where we're watching a water main break being repaired by utility cures your liaison the scene, will get a live report from are coming up.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
and we're back, a couple of live shots on the left san francisco and on the right a shot from the south bay 101 and we have in store for us quite the weather story, we'll start stay cool as we headed to fall we wore them. it doesn't make sense, always will break down. >> sometimes i think mother nature likes to play tricks on us. we get a key way. we are talking about triple digits. fall begins 8:09 p.m. today is the last day of summer, mostly sunny conditions cool today, and
5:57 am
that he waived kicks in for the first few days of fall. here's a look good side, dealing with strong winds. about 21 so when marcia picking up in these bay. 14 for fairfield also in the hayward keeping it cool just for today 50s and 60s by the 10:00 hour by noon we should warm up, see if you '60s out there. then of the '70s for your action in high school in the office the '50s and '60s. your highs today similar to where where were yesterday no big changes in store. about the same and fairfield 67 for san francisco. and around the bay we're seeing temperatures of those '70s '60s along the coast mid-70s along the south bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. check it out your first official full day of fall on thursday we start to warm up give back into the 90s by this weekend, much warmer forecast, hot on monday coming
5:58 am
in around 101 upper 80s around the bay. we will be right back.
5:59 am

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